a n t i- c o r r u p t i o n


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Anti Corruption Bureau of India is a registered organization which is working for the awareness of eradication of corruption all over India. The campaign of Anti Corruption under the leadership of Mandeep Singh, who is the National President of the organization, dedicated to social service. It is being driven across, which is bringing color!

The functions of the Organisation are as follows-

Under the Government of India's Project Sankalp Se Siddhi – New India, Quit Corruption India campaign, signature campaign and organizing seminars for the awareness of eradication of corruption in schools, colleges and other educational institutions across the country.

To reach out to the higher officials and get their grievances redressed related to corruption of the general public.

To promote honesty and conscientiousness in the society by honoring the conscientious and honest police and administrative officers with the conscientious officer award.

To give respect at the national level to the personalities who have excelled in social service and their field.

To work for the message of mutual brotherhood and humanity.